Geographically Diverse

RealiteQ for geographically diverse organizations
Today when the world become smaller and smaller… and the demands from water and Wastewater utilities become higher & higher… we can find more and more small & Medium utilities acquired by large enterprises.
This consolidation process is very challenging for the corporate management as for the needs to improve services in the acquired utilities but in the same time to create a modern and efficient centralized organization system to manage all the acquired utilities which are independent and usually geographically diverse.
RealiteQ – End-to-End web based real time remote control & SCADA system is structured to support such complicated & geographically diverse organizations.
RealiteQ which is low cost, Modular, fast & easy to install and use, required no software installation and is seamless to the existing equipment and software used in the different utilities, and with the unlimited users and DATA with no extra costs, makes the system perfect for such use, and it can easily be adopted by both, the local utilities team as well as the corporate team.