Case Study – Desalination plant, Maagan-Michael, Israel


In 2009, RealiteQ was asked to upgrade and replace the Motorola radio system, which was highly inaccessible to both the operators and the regular service providers. The system was intended for both local and remote control at all the bores (near to the coast) that provide brackish water to the desalination plant at the control center, in order to collect data from 29 different brackish-water bores, and connect them to the control center.



An efficient, rapid and accessible solution for controlling all the bores at the desalination plant, with operational flexibility and with ability to carry out operations by both local and remote control, rapidly and efficiently without the necessity of being in the area.


Project Description:

The Motorola Moscad control was replaced by a programmed KOYO control for the purposes of activating the drilling itself and for local control, and, in addition, an ICEX R-3.0 unit was installed, which is connected to the KOYO control and transfers the drilling data to the control center. Twenty-nine drillings were performed, most during the initial stage, and each time another bore was added... as required.


Unique Capabilities:

Interfacing and replacing the old end units (radio) by interfacing with the existing HMI systems.


Conclusion and Results:

The customer is very satisfied with the results and the extremely efficient and accessible solution, compared with the radio system that it replaced.

As a result of the customer’s great satisfaction, at a later stage RealiteQ supplied a solution for additional uses for  the same customer (the Kibbutz), in the generator and electricity disconnected fields.