Case Study – Industrial & agricultural desalination system (Worldwide)


Desalitech is an Israeli company that supplies advanced, energy-efficient seawater desalinization systems. The system was developed by Desalitech in 2008 and is supplied to industrial plants around the world.

The key challenge in this project was real-time monitoring, in intervals of seconds, and enabling data collection to teach the system and improve it while it is in operation. (The RealiteQ system provides reports directly to a BI system developed by Desalitech specifically for this purpose.)

The distinction of this project is that the RealiteQ system is the supervisory and control component of the water desalination facility, which is installed in the facility by Desalitech at their plants in Israel, and sent to the relevant site as an integral part of the water desalinization system. In this case, RealiteQ serves as a technology provider to manufacturers of industrial water desalinization facilities.


Project Description:

In 2008 the first RealiteQ systems were installed at the company’s desalinization facilities in Israel, and since then the RealiteQ system has been exclusively used for Desalitech desalinization facilities throughout the world.



Unique Capabilities:

RealiteQ’s solution is unique in its real-time monitoring capabilities, at the level of seconds, in its real-time response capabilities and its ability to transfer data to an external BI system in order to analyze the data and teach the system for the purpose of streamlining and improving the finished product and the service.



Summary and Results:

The fact that a unique global customer such as Desalitech, which requires particularly precise and reliable systems for the world's leading industries known to have requirements for high quality, is using RealiteQ systems is a clear indication of the quality and reliability of those systems.

This satisfaction is a result of almost ten years of fruitful collaboration between the companies, starting from the beginning of their activity. Thanks to its innovation and openness to customer needs, RealiteQ has been accompanying Desalitech ever since it began developing its systems.

The systems have been successfully installed on four continents (America, Asia, Europe and Africa), in leading factories around the world, such as Coca-Cola, Tesla, Unilever, L'Oréal...