Case Study – OEM – Increasing energy efficiency in cooling towers (Worldwide)


Cooling towers are large energy consumers common in many applications around the world. These facilities undergo a drop in energy efficiency over time, and the companies that service the cooling towers face a major challenge to improve energy efficiency and save energy in the regular operation of the cooling towers.



Project Description:

The energy efficiency challenge requires high capabilities and reliability in the
Real-time monitoring and control of complex systems. In order to meet the challenge, a number of different companies have contacted RealiteQ to provide the remote supervisory and control system on these systems, in order to enable regular remote maintenance of the systems, which will preserve a high level of energy efficiency.

RealiteQ provided the communications, the integration and the systems’ operating screens. RealiteQ connected to controllers that operate systems for cleaning scale without the use of chemicals in cooling tower pipes, thus significantly reducing the electricity consumption in the cooling facility processes. In addition to controlling cleaning and washing actions, RealiteQ also provided data on the quality of water in the towers.

In this project, RealiteQ is effectively serving as an OEM supplier of the remote monitoring and control technology implemented in the scale-cleaning system supplied by the manufacturer to the cooling towers.


Unique Capabilities:

The distinction of the RealiteQ solution is that it provides maintenance personnel with the ability to remotely access the various systems deployed around the world. The systems are connected to various customers such as public institutions, industries, etc., with the internet connection achieved by various means (cellular and other). No outside software is used and all activity takes place through the RealiteQ portal.

The system enables users to know in real time how much money was saved as a result of the energy savings achieved thanks to the cleaning actions.


Summary and Results:

Today RealiteQ is OEM supplier for Various manufacturer of energy saving systems in cooling towers. Dozens of such systems installed around the world currently, using RealiteQ technology for remote system monitoring and control.